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Guest Contributors

My purpose is to live consciously and creatively, challenging myself to achievement, engaging in connection and camaraderie, embodying resilience, and fostering a humorous and nurturing environment for myself and those around me to flourish in. This website is a platform where I want to create an environment where the greater community can learn, be inspired, grow, and support one another. 

To that end, this website will be updated occasionally with contributions from other writers, poets, and authors from my community who also want to contribute to the collective growth of understanding grief in new ways.

The first contributions have been made by Carol Makela, her daughter, Sofia Rosales Makela, Katy Schlemmer, and Rachel May. Please explore the link to the Art Gallery and writing submissions below, which include biographies of the artists. 


I have also included a page to highlight the work of my deceased husband, Keith, a master poet, including excerpts from his book Meditations from the Lazy Susan. 


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